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Every Thursday after recess the whole school participates in making day.  We do three activities and have three groups.  The activities are cooking, making and gardening.  We like making day because it's fun and you can learn new things.  By Ria (Sustainability Leader)



At our school we ride our bikes or scooters to school on ride to school day.  We do it because it is fun and because it helps us keep fit and healthy.  It also helps the environment because there is less car fumes in the air.  By Rosie (Sustainability Leader)



Saving energy at school is important for the environment. At school you can save energy in many different ways. Some of the actions are whole school, class or individual behaviours. Saving energy means that we are not only using less electricity but we are also saving energy. The money we save can be used to implement more energy saving ideas. The Resource Smart Schools Program has helped us. 


SHUTTING DOWN COMPUTERS - Shutting down computers each Friday is a good way to save electricity If people do this it is a great way to save electricity because the devices are not on every day when students are not at school. (Lexia)


END OF TERM SHUT DOWN - The school shuts down appliances and devices at the end of the term, the school does this because it will save quite a lot of energy when noone is there. (Lachie) 


INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL BLINDS - Having these sorts of blinds saves energy and as you don't have to use the air conditioners. If you don't have these sorts of blinds you should get some. Try and use these blinds when it is really cold or hot. These blinds keep the hot air in when it is cold and keeps the cool air in when it is super hot. (Alex)


TRANSPORT - It is good for students to walk or ride because it saves energy and it doesn't make pollution. By leaving your car at home it won't use fuel. (Nikye)


WEARING APPROPRIATE CLOTHING - If everyone wears the appropriate clothing in winter or summer the teachers don't have to turn the air conditioners or heaters on so then the school saves electricity. In summer wear cool clothes so you don't get too hot. In winter wear layers so when you get hot you can take a layer off. (Ria)


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