School Council

The School Council has an active, vital and on-going role in the Victorian Education System. Within statewide guidelines, School Councils provide local communities with the forum to determine school policy in a range of educational and resource areas. Our School Council is a particularly committed and hard working group.

The main responsibilities of the School Council are:

  • Representing the school community in the development of the School Charter
  • Determining the educational policy, goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the Charter and statewide guidelines
  • Approving the school budget
  • Maintaining and improving the school buildings and grounds
  • Reporting annually to the school community and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development(DEECD)
  • Making a recommendation to DEECD on the appointment of the school principal
  • Developing the student dress code
  • Developing the School Code of Conduct

Our School Council has 10 members:

  • 6 Elected parent representatives
  • 1 DET (Department of Education and Training).
  • 1 Principal

All parents are welcome to assist without actually being on School Council eg: fund raising, gardens, parent helpers.

Council meetings are held twice a term, usually on a Monday 5.30 pm. A School Council report will be included in the newsletter following a meeting informing you of Council’s actions and decisions.

Elections for School Councillors are held in March each year if you would like to get involved.

School Council Contact Numbers are:

Andrew Macklan (0409 968 382)

Lisa Ranton (5754 4468)