Student Levies

Our school receives funding to meet most of its staff, maintenance, student programs and operational costs, however the government expects parents to help pay for swimming, excursions and consumable requisites. So based on parent surveys our School Council decided to request parents to pay a single levy which covers the costs of swimming, textbooks, exercise books, pencils, textas, art materials, photocopying, Arts Council performances, Mother’s Day Luncheon and Father’s Day Breakfast.

Parent Payment Categories

Essential education items are those items or services that are essential to support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum program that parents and guardians are responsible for and may choose to either provide or pay the school to provide.

These items include:

  • Materials that the student      takes possession of, including text books and student stationery
  • Programs such as      Mathletics, Mobile Art Van, Mobile Library Van, Swimming (Contribution for bus hire).
  • Transport and entrance for      excursions which all students are expected to attend.

Tawonga Primary School has spent considerable time selecting the most appropriate requisites to meet the needs of our children.  The school buys these items in bulk so fees can be kept to a minimum.

Optional education items (or non- essential materials and services) are those that are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program, and which are offered to all students.  These optional extras are provided on a user pays basis and if parents and guardians choose to access them for students, they will be required to pay for them.

These items include:

  • Extra curricular programs      or activities eg. Instrumental music, Skiing and camps.
  • School based performances,      productions and events.

Voluntary financial contributions are contributions made by the parents and guardians where they are invited to make a donation to the school, to fund specific activities, improvements or items not otherwise provided by the school, for example for grounds maintenance or mowing.




 Payment arrangements


Parents and guardians will be provided with early notice of payment requests for essential education items, optional extras and voluntary financial contributions.

Payments are kept to a minimum with payment requests and letters fair and reasonable.  To further assist parents with payments, four payment options have been developed:

Option  1                              Full amount
Option  2                             Half yearly payment (Term 1 and 3)
Option  3                             Other, payment arrangements ( Please speak with the principal).

Alternative payment options are available through the school with parents encouraged to make an appointment with the school to discuss circumstances and available options.

Payments may be requested but not required prior to the commencement of the year in which the materials and services are to be used.

Payment requests or letters to parents will be itemised and the category each item falls under will be clearly identified as an essential education item, optional education item or voluntary financial contribution.

Receipts will be issued to parents immediately upon making payment.

Reminders for unpaid essential education items or optional items will be generated and distributed on a regular basis to parents,  but not more than once a month.

All records of payments or contributions and any outstanding payments by parents and guardians are kept confidential.                                                               

The Essential Education charge for 2018 is $100 per student. 

Web Based Activities - $60.00 per child.

A Swimming Levy of $45.00 per student will be charged seperately at the beginning of the school year. 

Making Day - To cover the cost of supplies which students are able to take home - $25.00 per student.

Art and Library Services (MACC & MARC) $50.00 per student.

Local Excursion/Incursion Fee 2018 - $20.00

During Term 2 we will be running a music program run by our local musician Conrad Forrer. 
Our second levy is a voluntary mowing levy. To save parents the responsibility and burden of mowing rosters to keep the school grounds neat and tidy, the School Council employs a contractor to do the job.

We ask families if they are willing to contribute to the Mowing of the school grounds.  This is completed by an external provider and costs the school over $2000 per year.  A $40-$50 contribution is requested.


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