School Profile

Our school began on its original site down near the racetrack in 1880, moving onto its current site as a single classroom in 1912. While we have grown and much has changed since those early days, Tawonga Primary School remains committed to retaining its traditional atmosphere of a friendly, community-based rural school. We are still essentially a small school with a family feel. We are extremely proud of our students and responsive to their needs and the needs of their families. We strive to provide a school, which places high importance on learning and social values.

Our families come from the rural communities of Tawonga, Red Bank, Coral Bank and Kancoona, as well as the townships of Tawonga South and Mount Beauty.

Our School Charter is a 3 year plan for developing school resources, facilities and teaching programs. Our charter priorities relate to the writing component of literacy, with a commitment to the latest teaching methods and strategies, whole school curriculum planning, involving parents in their children’s education and helping each child reach their full potential.