School Code of Conduct

It is important to our school community that staff, students and parents enjoy a friendly, supportive learning environment that practices the notions of fair play, self worth and mutual respect.Our school code of conduct has been developed around the You Can Do It program. We endeavour to instil in our students the attitudes and values that are vital for academic achievement, sound interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological development. The keys are: Persistence, Confidence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience.


The school code of conduct applies when students are in the classroom, playground, travelling to and from school and during camps/excursions.Serious and/or continuous breaches of school rules may lead to suspension or expulsion in line with DET procedures.

Student responsibilities are:

  • To allow others to learn and play without interference or disruption
  • To be courteous and respectful and to be aware of the feelings of other students, staff, parents, school helpers and visitors
  • To respect the physical well-being and the property of others
  • To be friendly and supportive towards other students regardless of age or sex
  • To observe all rules that have been established within the school for their safety, care or educational needs
  • To take pride and care of their school, its buildings, grounds and equipment
  • To be good ambassadors for the school both within and outside the school environment

Parents' responsibilities are:

  • To be aware of, and support the school code of conduct
  • To work in partnership with the teachers to resolve student’s behavioural, social or academic problems
  • To notify the school of any relevant changes in the home environment which may affect student’s learning

Staff responsibilities are:

  • To develop a list of school rules and appropriate consequences with their class.
  • To positively reinforce appropriate behaviour and cooperative learning skills
  • To deal consistently with student's problems, concerns and behaviour
  • To allow a fair hearing
  • To implement appropriate consequences
  • To contact parents regarding serious or repeated problems/difficulties with their child and to work with the family towards positive outcomes

It is school council policy that replacement costs of any damage caused to school property by students is to be reimbursed by the parents.