When your child is away from school, a note is needed on his/her return stating the reason for the absence. Absent booklets can be collected at the school.  Tiqbiz is also able to be used by parents to notify the school of and student absences.  To join please collect a flyer from the school office or find Tiqbiz in the app store.

A phone call would be appreciated if your child will be absent for a long period. We are required to record the reason for your child’s absence, whether it be medical or parent choice. If no note is received the absence is deemed to be unexplained.

Please collect children from school if a dental/medical appointment is made during school hours - it is not safe sending children home on their own for these appointments.


Student absences can also be sent through to school with the Tiqbiz App, for details on this please request a brochure from the office. 

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