We want to work with parents to achieve the best education possible for your child. Cooperation and good communication between parents and teachers is essential to your child’s progress and happiness at school.

We try to keep you informed of upcoming school events through our weekly newsletter. We regularly include class reports explaining what we are teaching.

On your part, you should feel comfortable enough to contact your child's teacher if you have any concerns or questions. At any time, it is very helpful if you can provide information about your child that the teacher may not be aware of and which may affect his/her school work (such as a medical problem, bullying or friendship problems).

The best times to ring a teacher are at recess times or after school. An appointment can easily be arranged if the matter is too sensitive or involved to be dealt with over the phone. Please try to avoid calls before school, as teachers are usually involved in lesson preparation. Teachers, unless special circumstances arise, are unable to be called out during classtime to speak on the phone, as their responsibilities to their students must come first. In these cases you can leave a message to be passed on, or the teacher can ring you back when they are free.