The First Day Of School

Enrolling Your Child

To enrol your child at any school in Victoria you will need to bring the following along to school:

Certificate of Immunisation (available from the Health Department of the Shire).
Proof of age (children must turn 5 years by April 30th).
Completed confidential student enrolment form.

Preparing Your Child For School

You can help to make beginning school a happy experience for your child by ensuring he/she is prepared in these areas:-

  • Able to go to the toilet on their own

  • Able to put on and remove jumpers, jackets etc

  • Able to do up own shoes (or provide elastic side boots/shoes or velcro fastenings)

  • Able to recognise his/her own name and belongings

  • Able to manage a packed lunch

  • Able to use a handkerchief

Speak positively about school. During the Christmas holidays, you might like to come up and let your child play in the school grounds. You could make up a ‘practice’ school lunch and have a picnic with your children in the school grounds. Anything that promotes familiarity with the school environment is a bonus.

What Will My Child Need On The First Day?

The school supplies all the stationery supplies that your child will need at school including paper, pencils, markers, art materials and home book cover. Your child will need their own school bag, play lunch, a drink (not soft drink) and lunch! (make sure they can cope with the containers you provide - some are difficult for little hands to manage.)

Parents usually pack too much lunch initially so don’t be too concerned if your child doesn’t eat all you give them. Small portions of things they like are the best idea. The children will be supervised by their teacher while eating their lunch.

The First Day Of School

We aim to foster a positive experience at school, so that children make the transition from home and Kindergarten to school easily. They will often already know some of the older children at our school and will also have their kinder friends present. The following can be used as a guide of what may be expected on the first school day.

On your child's first day at school, please come into the classroom with your child. The teacher will show you where your child needs to put his/her school bag and lunch. There will be some activity centres going on for your child to join in or they might like to go out and play until the bell.

You are welcome to stay and help your child find an activity to do, or find a friend to play with.

When leaving please make sure to say a quick goodbye and ensure your child knows exactly when and where he/she will see you next, and how he/she is getting home, as this gives children the necessary feeling of security.

If your child is tearful and doesn’t want you to leave, let the teacher take charge, and leave quickly. Very rarely do we have tears for more than a few minutes. If we have had a problem we will follow up with a phone call to let you know how your child has settled.

The best way to find out about starting school is to talk to anyone you know who has ‘been there, done that!’ A close second best is to call us at school and ask us as many questions as you like before the first day. We are here to help both you and your child.

Special Note:
Children react to the demands of school differently. Some tire easily while others seem to cruise through. As the parent you are the best judge! If your child needs a sleep in, a morning off or even a day off, please do not feel guilty about keeping them home. Early in the term it is usually also a good idea to keep after school free of shopping or any other running around.

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