Principal's Message

History of new school.

Like every other school of its size, in 2009 Tawonga was preparing to receive a $250,000 new building from the Australian government financial stimulus program.  Plans changed drastically in 2010 when the state government fulfilled a long-term promise by allocating $1.5 million to rebuild the school.  There followed around two years of waiting and planning, with our project suffering many delays.  Finally our new buildings arrived in August 2011, but more delays to finishing the project meant that we could not move in or begin the task of landscaping around the new buildings until early in 2012.  As it turned out, it was worth the wait. In 2017 the school was successful in gaining a grant to have internal toilets including a disabled toilet built in the main building. Alongside this the school was also able to build in an unused verandah which is now a very handy quiet/withdrawl room....


The New Buildings

We have three classrooms placed like the leaves of the clover around a central project area.  Each classroom is fitted with state of the art learning technologies, and the project space is furnished with now library shelves and flexible seating.  Three huge sliding doors allow us to change the space as required from individual classrooms for traditional teaching to an open, sharing environment for 21st century style teaching and learning where teachers and students from different classes interact.  The old rooms have been adapted for use as an Art room and Kitchen, a Before and After School Care room, and a Kindergarten.  In 2014 we saw the erection of a unique to Tawonga Primary School Playground.  This structure will grow in years to come and assists students with their creative play.



At Tawonga we pride ourselves on our professionalism and excellent teaching.  All our teaching staff are dedicated to ensuring every student receives the best education available.



Programs offered at Tawonga include:  Japanese which is taught by a specialised Japanese teacher.  Music program, Swim program, Ski program and specialised Art and Library teachers attend the school on a fortnightly basis to teach in these areas.  As well as these the school offers students computer based programs such as Mathletics.


New Families

New families are always welcome at Tawonga.  Give us a call to arrange a tour on 57544468.